v1.1 update

It ain't a modern game unless there's a Day 1 patch. But there's good stuff here. The big news is that we ironed out some kinks and got the WebGL version working correctly, which means you can play Blockchain right here in the browser. That's right, web3 right in your web2.

Other than that, we've got a few bugfixes to keep you happy:

  • Our sprites were looking a bit ugly because we had texture compression enabled. That's a big no-no for pixel art games! Should be fixed now.
  • We updated some copy in the tutorial. Let's not get too excited here; it's still woefully inadequate.
  • We fixed a little issue where the player wouldn't resume their idle pose in the tutorial. How many of you noticed this?

We should do a proper "intro" devlog about how we made the game, but by god, we have bugs to squash first. Until next time!


Blockchain-win.zip 37 MB
Dec 01, 2021
Blockchain-mac.zip 46 MB
Dec 01, 2021

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