Saybrook, Connecticut – 1648

You are Elinor Peyton, maidservant to the Harris household. Your simple existence is shattered by a wave of mass hysteria, as a witch hunt consumes your hometown.

A visual novel about the Connecticut witch trials. Made for the Historically Accurate Game Jam 5.


Use your mouse to advance dialogue and make choices when prompted. You can rewind the narrative by clicking on the back icon, and fast-forward to the next meaningful choice  using the fast-forward icon.


  • Space/enter: advance dialogue
  • Backspace: rewind
  • Equals key: fast-forward


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Good game, really enjoy it so much. I died in the end though, is there any good end? Like everyone lives happily ever after.

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Not sure there’s a truly happy ending, but you can survive in two of the five endings 🤔

I love the graphic! is it from return of the obra dinn?

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We were inspired by that technique yep! There were some really interesting tutorials on how that effect was achieved (e.g.

Since we used it to bake static backgrounds, we got to avoid a lot of the more complex problems Obra Dinn faced with camera motion and legibility…though some of ours aren’t super legible in this setting either.